***Continental breakfast and catered lunch is included.***


accelerated bail agent pre-lic. & bail fugitive recovery Training  

        exceeds state requirements oF 20-hour BAIL AGENT pre-licensing

        fulfills 1299pc fugitive recovery training requirement

        (Click here for more information)

bounty hunting & bail fugitive recovery Training  

        exceeds state requirements oF 20-hour Bail Fugitive education

        Required training to comply with 1299pc

        (Click here for more information)

accelerated bail agent cont. ed. & bail fugitive recovery training    

        8-hour update for bail agent 1299pc compliance

        counts for continuing education

        (click here for more information)

bail agent continuing education & bail fugitive recovery training    

        Exceeds state requirements on 6-hour bail agent continuing ed.

        several classes to choose from

        ◆ bail fugitive recovery training

        ◆ Bail Agent CEW ADVANCED TRAINING

        (click here for more information)


        Protect yourself from liability and get END user TRAINING

        Can be taken as bail agent continuing education

        (click here for more information)

california Concealed Carry Permit course

        ◆ sacramento county

Florida/Utah Concealed Carry Permits course

        These tWO non-resident firearm permits allow you to carry  

        concealed in up to 35 states across the United States.     

Center axis relock or the C.A.R. System - coming soon

        The car system has been adopted as the primary weapon

        firing and retention system by many top law enforcement    

        agencies today. 

40 Hour - BSIS Security Guard Training Course

         Module 1       8-hour Course

                4-hour Power To Arrest

                4-hour Weapons of Mass Destruction

         Course fee:  $60.00

         Module 2       16-hour Course

                4-hour Public Relations

                4-hour Observation and Documentation

                4-hour Company Policies and Procedures

                4-hour Officer Survival

          Course fee:  $130.00

          Module 3       16-hour Course

                4-hour Advanced Arrest Search and Seizure

                4-hour Trespass

                4-hour Communication and its Significance

                4-hour Liability / Legal Aspects

           Course fee:  $130.00

Arrest & Control - coming soon

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